Monday, November 7, 2011


Happiness is a warm puppy. 

 ~Charles M. Schulz
This is Wyatt.
He is an eight week old
Brittany Spaniel who
belongs to my son and
his wife. I have said
that I do not want
anything else to feed
or take care of...I already
have four dogs along with
chickens, ducks, rabbits,
children and a husband,
but I love this little dog
and offer free puppy
sitting any time.
Do you have any pets?


  1. I would puppy sit for this cutie in a moment. I think we will wait until Spring before we think about another dog. pigs, sheep, cows and hens is quite enough to be going on with. xxx

  2. Ugh. Yes. Pets. We have nine indoor cats and a lab-mutt. I love my critters. But there will be no more when they are gone.

  3. Lucky you! I am envious of your pet list, we are down to 3 goldfish.

    C would love the puppy's name, he was Wyatt (Super Why) for Halloween.

    Enjoy those puppy kisses XO

  4. Oh he is so adorable! I would puppy sit him in a heartbeat!

    We have three cats, a dog, a bird, and Chase has a handful of fish (and sea monkeys).

  5. I can't stand it how cute he is. It hits me in my belly how badly I want a dog. This has been a wish for a long time, for me and my daughter. We told her once, that when we move she can get one. She has not forgotten and is counting the days. Love the name Wyatt---it's perfect!
    Oh and we have 2 sweet rats--and they are so wronged by their stereotype!!

  6. What a cutie! I just have my 5 hens, but I would love to have more!

  7. He is darling! We have a cat named Maggie and some electric fish, which are the best kind because they are not real :) Would love more animals someday, but feel like my hands are full enough right now. Happy puppy-sitting to you!

  8. So adorable...happiness is a warm puppy.
    I have two cats and three chickens ( but I wouldn't say no to a puppy, goats, some quail and ducks!)
    Much love to you.

  9. Wyatt makes me want to buy another dog :D

  10. Oh I just want to roll in the grass with that cutie and and take in some puppy breath!

  11. very cute! We're "cat people" here - one American shorthair - Moonbeam has been with us since 1998. She's a bit of a diva, but mellowing with age. :)

  12. adorable! and i loved your recent comments about hand-written letters. i have some letters from my grandmother, too and i treasure them! it's probably why anytime i get a "real" letter in the mail from someone special in my life i just have to keep it! happy day to you.

  13. oh wyatt, he is absoulutly gorgeous. i would puppy sit too, any day. such sweet photos tracey. xox

  14. How could you resist that little guy! We are the proud parents of three cats and a dog and I would puppy sit little Wyatt any day!