Sunday, October 23, 2011


I want to give and take
from my children and husband,
to share with friends and
community, to carry out my
obligations to man, and to
the world, as a woman, as an
artist, as a citizen.

But I want first of all-
in fact, as an end to these
other desires-to be at peace
with myself. I want a singleness
of eye, a purity to intention,
a central core to my life that
will enable me to carry out these
obligations and activities as well
as I can.

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, from
   Gift from the Sea

weekending, my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just to be. if you'd like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to a weekend post in the commentsJoining with Amanda for her weekending posts.

This has been a weekend of perfect weather,
70 during the day and mid 40's at night.
Saturday, after the meal planning, house
cleaning and weekly market trip, my time
was spent outdoors. Along with the daily,
[since I don't want to tempt the squirrels],
pick up of pecans  [I say pa-khans], 
the oranges are now beginning to ripen and
must also be picked. I baked my husband's
great grandmother's rolls and wondered
why I don't bake them more often since
they really just as easy as bread? I tried
out a new recipe and other than subbing
homemade vegetable stock for the
chicken stock and adding a little [OK, a
lot] more cheese I left it alone. A copy
of the recipe now resides in my home
planner so I won't lose it.

Sunday has been a quiet day. A day for
me to sit outside and knit [more socks],
to listen to the birds and watch the
bees on the golden rod, to not have
to cook, to take a nap and just enjoy
my own company and await the
return of my family. A day of Peace.
Now, I can face the new week.

How was your weekend?


  1. IS that your yard? Sooooooo peaceful and pretty with the statues.
    My oranges will not ripen. Does it really take so long?
    Glad you got some knitting in! Always feels good. : )

  2. Oh those oranges (are they satsumas or clementines....they look sort of short and stout like those cuties)! And that alone glorious. Thank you for your kind birthday wishes! My day was even brighter for your kindness. Thankyou!

  3. Gift from the Sea is one of my all time favorite books (one I need to pull off the shelf and reread--soon!)
    What a peaceful weekend you had! And those bee photos are amazing! What do you do with all the oranges?????

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend...with beautiful pictures too!

  5. i really felt i was there with you tracey, in your beautiful yard, sipping tea and knitting together. our weekends sound so similar, only i was sitting in the fog and cold.
    such lovely statues and quote by a.m.l.
    have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Oranges! How wonderful! And yum.. pecans. I miss having them easily accessible.

    I love your angels.

  7. The stone angel is beautiful. I can't wait to see the next pair of socks you finish. It was all pumpkins for us this weekend. That and hanging out with my Seester in Law! A great time was had by all!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Tracey. Especially the part where you sat outside and listened to the birds and knit. That must have been so peaceful and relaxing.

    I managed to crave out some knitting time, too, in between chores and shopping and a family birthday dinner. It was a lovely weekend.

  9. Oranges. Oh wouldn't that be delightful? And oh to find peace with ourselves. I fear if I did, I might become complacent. Conflict be gone, but I am always open to growing in new ways that might help be define myself towards a better me.
    Beautiful post Tracey.

  10. Your fruit trees are insane!
    My weekend was very fun, very social. Not as quiet as I first hoped it would be, but being around friends is wonderful as well.

  11. yay you don't say pee-cans. i find that annoying. and so very wrong. we lost our pecan trees during hurricane gustav and i do mourn the loss. on the other hand, i'm thankful because it turns out the nacho is allergic to pecans. poor kid has no idea what he's missing and i do miss the pecans in my banana bread but he's oh so worth it.

  12. That's a lovely quote. I wish I had some me time this weekend. But instead, this gorgeous fall weekend was all about my family.

    I'm okay with that too :)

    Glad to find you through Amanda's weekending post.

  13. I could sit in your garden with you and knit socks too! The book is here!! Just got back from travels. I love your photos.

  14. Lovely photos! I really like the poem you used at the beginning of this post.
    Those fruit trees look AMAZINg and The weather there sounds wonderful! Barefoot mama

  15. Love this post my friend! And the pictures are simply delicious. I especially love the bees, I've been obsessed with them lately, they are everywhere, doing their job...makes me happy.

  16. I love the poem and the pictures. I am craving some quiet weekends...working on it!

  17. I want to comment on the beautiful photos, the pecans, the oranges (are those growing in your yard?!?!)...but really I'm struck by the realization that you may have a most wonderful southern accent. Please tell me you more reason I'm missing out way up in here in the wild north. ;)

  18. What a wonderful weekend. The weather was just divine, wasn't it? So glad you found space to relax and just enjoy. I wish I could do cheese soups. Any kind of cream based or cheese soup just doesn't mix around here, though I loooove it.

    You say Pecans like my grandmother does. I love that :).

  19. this is a glorious post- just glorious.

  20. I know I'm a little late getting here, but I'm glad I did. This is a lovely post. Thanks Tracey!