Saturday, October 29, 2011


Following Jacqui's lead from
last Saturday, I made sure
to take a picture each day
of this last week in October.

Saturday:: I baked rolls following
my husband's grandmother's recipe.
It is the most requested recipe
from my kitchen, especially for
those special moments.

Sunday:: Found myself outside
most of the day and am finally
beginning to see little bits of
autumn creeping in, even with
temperatures in the 80's.

Monday:: Loving all the dragonflies
that have been hanging out around
the house.

Tuesday:: Painting my yearly
Dr. Suess inspired pumpkin and
this year with a pumpkin I grew!

Wednesday:: Taking to heart
all the wonderful tips my dear
friend Lori provided and finally
getting my knitting supplies

Thursday:: Picking up pecans
with my little side-kick while
soaking up as much time with
her as I can before their big move
next summer.

Friday:: Loving the sweet surprise
my daughter brought over.



  1. oh my goodness tracey, what a wonderfilled week you had! those bread rolls look prize winning (can you share the recipe?) and your granddaughter, such a sweetie. that made me sad to think she'll be moving, but no, we won't think that. it will surely be okay. :)
    i love the photo of your colorful needles, maybe you can show more of your organization sometime. lovely seven days!

  2. Beautiful Tracey. Your lovely Grandaughter is so precious - what a picture that is. Those rolls - ahh! I love all tese things that have made up your week.
    We still have our visitors, but they leave this afternoon. It has been a full week, so choosing 7 images will not be easy, but I will post it later this evening.
    Thank you for joining in. Have a wonderful weekend. xxxx

  3. What a lovely idea 7 days captured in a minute. Nice memories to keep. I agree with Lori ann would love the recipe for those rolls.

  4. Love your seven days post:).I loved those tips from Lori too! I must find time to implement them, perfect before our move :).Those rolls look amazing, as do the scrumptious cookies-- but that dragonfly photo is so cool!

  5. We have a special family roll recipe, too (although they still never taste as good as my mom's). Love that dragonfly! WOW! And such a fun pumpkin. Isn't Lori inspiring? Happy weekend.

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures! I too make rolls from my husband's grandmother's recipe...they are an instant favorite of anybody who's ever tried them :)

    What wonderful photographs of your past seven days.
    Have a lovely

  8. A lovely journal of the week. Beautiful that you are passing on family recipe traditions—the homemade rolls. I too try to make and bake recipes my mom, grandmother and aunts made.

  9. You're such a talented photographer. Thanks for the glimpse into your week. And love your pumpkin too!

  10. A beautiful week! The rolls look delicious, your pumpkin is so pretty and fun, and the little one is not so little! She's getting big!

  11. I loved seeing a glimpse of each day of your week! Your little granddaughter is growing!! I love the baked goodies too :)

  12. Love this post! Beautiful pictures... what a wonderful idea

  13. What a great idea! I love your Dr. Suess inspired pumpkin! And, what a great picture of the dragonfly. Have a great first week of November!

  14. How nice... loved every pic, you capted really well the moments.


  15. What a beautiful pumpkin! I love the dragon fly as well!

  16. I love dragonflies. What a wonderful photo.

  17. What a fun week! I think you need to post that recipe...your rolls look delicious!

    Have a lovely day!