Wednesday, August 17, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

I finished my Simply baby Vest
and will more than likely cast on
a few more of these as it was a
very fast knit and easy to carry
around in my bag. Next time
I would like to knit one in
cotton since knitting wool
vests really isn't practical for
the weather I have here in the
south. I just cast on Wool diaper cover
just because I wanted to
see how it would turn out. Yes,
it is out of wool, but wool for little
baby bottoms is what's needed
to keep the leaks from happening.

I finished reading The Help and
loved it!  I laughed and I cried so
it was a well rounded book. I have
no desire to see the movie as I live
surrounded by southern accents and
don't think I can handle Hollywood's
idea of how Southerner's sound.
I just picked up Francis Chan's
Erasing Hell. I loved Crazy Love
and Forgotten God so I am hoping
I will enjoy this too. xx


  1. Tracey, thank you so much for linking that vest pattern! That is precisely what I need for an upcoming baby gift. Thank you!

  2. what a sweet vest pattern, i love simple to wear baby knits. and i loved the help too, i hadn't thought about the accent, i hope the movie is good!

  3. An excuse for baby knits... yes! I hadn't heard of Erasing Hell. I have Crazy Love but haven't opened it yet. It came well recommended.

    so, are you saying that Hollywood gets the southern drawl wrong? No!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. I also really enjoyed The Help. I don't really want to see the movie, although one of my friends and my critical brother said it was good.

  5. A pretty start to your new knitting! I also cringe at the Hollywood versions of southern accents. Every now and then, an actor really gets it right, but often southern speech is stereotyped or just clumsily handled. I'm sure that people from other parts of the country and world see similar errors in the depictions of speech from their own regions, too.

  6. Can't wait to read The Help. I have to request it at the library.

  7. I loved The Help, too! Congrats on finishing the baby vest -- can't wait to see the diaper cover.

  8. That vest is just what I was looking for, to knit in cotton for a baby to be born in summer. Thanks Tracey

  9. Oh I know what you mean about the accents. Everytime there's a show or movie set in Hawaii the accent of the locals is AWFUL! I've never come across one that wasn't super cheesy. Can't wait to see your diaper cover! Wool diaper covers cost $$$ so it's cool that you can whip up your own!

  10. Love the title of Erasing Hell, looking forward to hearing about it. And I just saw the movie and while the book is always better, I think they did a decent job. I don't think it really slashed on southerners, just ignorance in general. The acting by Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly) was impeccable, and the actresses for Minnie and Abeline were wonderful too. I don't think it would have been as enjoyable for those that did not read the book. I will say I cried just as much in the movie :).

  11. I enjoyed The Help very much too. Have never heard of this new author you mentioned. The color of the diaper color is very nice - neutral & soft looking.

  12. I knew you would like The Help! I do want to see the movie but I am surrounded by northeastern PA accents so my ears will not be jarred. Your knitting is so pretty!

  13. Such a sweet little vest!
    I need to pick up a copy of The Help.
    I have heard nothing but rave reviews of it!

  14. I think I may have to give that vest a try. I do love a fast knit!

  15. i read the help when it first came out and told my husband there is no way i'd see the movie. can't stand the faux southern accents either!

  16. I am crocheting long skinny scarft. Wanting to start a cowel ... can't decide if knit or crochet yet. Reading? Mary Oliver books of poems. Zen. Winter greens. :)

  17. Oh baby knits! They are the BEST! :-) Happy to hear you liked _The Help_. I'm torn about reading it...the more press time something gets, the less inclined I am to read it. Still, I'm tempted. Thanks for the positive review!

  18. second yarn-er mentioning the help already! i am feeling the nudge to pick it up! thanks for aiding in that since it sounds so good!


  19. As a southern girl I think that's so funny about the accents...I've not seen the movie either...

  20. I just started The Help....
    And I love you said what you did about Hollywood's southern accents. So funny. We live in Southern Cal. It really is a bad joke sometimes.

  21. I really want to see The Help, but I understand not wanting to see it from your perspective. Glad you liked the book!

  22. I have not read The Help, but I keep seeing that book cover over and over. I do not read much fiction anymore but am wondering if maybe I should make this exception...

  23. I too am a fan of Francis Chan!! I need to get this new book! I too am busy with baby knits...such fun!!

  24. Pretty knitting - the colours are soft perfect for the little people.
    Looks like that will be an interesting read - Enjoy

  25. That vest is so cute! Added that pattern to my favourites!
    So glad to hear you enjoyed The Help...I'm loving it so far!

  26. I must check out that book (and the Help too!) Thank you for the recommendations!

  27. Those diaper covers are so sweet looking.
    Rather retro, aren't they?


  28. i'll have to look up that book. LOVE the diaper cover. x

  29. I had to laugh at your observation of Hollywood's inability to get local things "right." It's always amusing to see how they portray Iowa...they always shoot in Texas for things set in the midwest and they really couldn't be more dissimilar. :)