Wednesday, July 20, 2011


~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Linking with Ginny.

The Ladawan's Shawl that I began
last week is almost complete. I have
discovered that I really need a much
longer circular needle cable
than the one I am currently using. 
I am not quite up to 300 stitches,
the final shawl has 560, and the
yarn is bunching tight on the needles.
The pattern has been very easy to
follow and this is a project that has allowed
me to watch old movies, talk with my
family and knit at the same time.

I finally bought The Girl Who Played With Fire,
the second book in Stieg Larsson's Trilogy.
I have just read a few of chapters, but so
far the writing is in keeping with the first
book which I enjoyed. I was a little sad
to learn that the the author, Stieg Larsson,
passed away from a heart attack in 2004
so there won't be any more books.

What have you been reading and knitting? xx


  1. The shawl looks absolutly beautiful.
    I have to get around to knitting myself a shawl one of these days. It's been on my to-do list for so long!

  2. I am amazed at how much you have knitted since last week! You will be wearing it soon. Getting longer needles sounds like an excellent excuse to go yarn shopping :)

  3. I really like that yarn. Can't wait to see the finished shawl.

  4. When I knit a shawl with a lot of stitches I usually end up knitting it on two circular needles to avoid the stitches bunching up so much.
    I was wondering if you have a pattern for the cucumber bag you knitted a while ago. I need an apple bag for the farmer's market. ;)

  5. Your shawl looks so lovely. I love it when you can create something beautiful and still chat or watch a film - it's time well spent. Glad you are enjoying the Stieg Larsson books; I do love them! I felt the same when I heard that there wouldn't me any more, it's such a shame.

  6. Oh yes, longer circular needles are needed. I remember wrestling with too-short needles on a particular project and hoping that stitches wouldn't fall off. I finished it, but soon afterwards, bought the longer ones.

    Maria - how do you knit with 2 circular needles?

  7. What a lovely shawl! I have been seeing a lot of grey lately in shawl work and I love it.

    Definitely invest in the longer needle- it makes the work so much more pleasant when you don't have to worry about whether or not you might lose those cramped up stitches.

  8. The shawl is looking beautiful Tracey! You know that knits that leave my mind available for other things are my favorites!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Can't wait to see the finished project! Looks great so far. Happy knitting!

  10. You're definitely sprinting through with your shawl, Tracey. It looks great.

    I always wondered about the book trilogy you're working through. I see it all the time at the bookstore, but nobody I know has read any of the books. I may need to check into them at some point. :)

  11. I love that colour. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have probably said that over and over as you knit it. but... love is love, right! Can't wait to see it finished!

  12. I, too, enjoyed The Girl Who . .
    trilogy. Sorry there won't be more.
    Though, lots of Scandinavian writers around.

    Have two pair of toe-up stockinette sox.
    One with a indy-dyed self-striping yarn
    the other with stockinette foot and a ribbed-cabled leg/cuff portion.


  13. I love the grey of your shawl! I always seen to be stuck squeezing either too many or too few stitches around a circular needle...
    I think you should try a tiny tea leaves - it would be just precious on your little yellow girl. ;)

  14. Oooooo! The second book is the best one out of the trilogy. You find out what mades Lisbeth tick.

    The shawls coming along nicely. :-)

  15. Love that yarn! What is it? (sorry if you've already posted it)

  16. I am knitting a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting any day, but it seems to be taking an age!
    I have a pile of books waiting to read. I have just read the book 'Like water for chocolate' by Laura Esquivel. About food, love and family, the best things in life!!
    Much love.

  17. How awesome is that; you can knit and talk simultaneously. I love patterns like that. At least for me there is the potential I could do both. Your shawl is gorgeous!

  18. Love, love, love that gray color and the shawl is turning out so lovely!