Thursday, June 16, 2011


" Did you ever stop to taste a carrot? 
  Not just eat it, but taste it? 
  You can't taste the beauty
  and energy of the earth in
  a Twinkie. "

~Astrid Alauda

This year we planted two
kinds of carrots, Danvers
and Little FIngers Carrots.
I was very impressed with
how they grew as in years
past we have not done well
with carrots. Our soil is
very heavy, but after hauling
manure and moving chicken tractor
it  seems to have paid off.
We planted the
Danvers in between the
lettuce plants and gave
the Little Fingers their
very own row since there
were quite a bit more of them.
Besides eating, juicing and
giving away pounds, I still
had plenty  of carrots to can for
winter stews and soup.
I love to fix Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot, Red Lentil Soup
summer or winter. The only
change I make is to use coconut
oil instead of the butter. It is a wonderful
dish served with a fresh salad
and homemade, crusty rolls.
What are you growing this week?


  1. Oh, yummy! Your soup sounds delicious! I would love to see your garden for real and walk about it, it is beautiful. Your little granddaughter is growing fast! FYI your last two links are not linked.

  2. I wish we could grow carrots like that. Our soil is still way too heavy. One day maybe!!Your garden looks wonderful.

  3. How beautiful!! The soup sounds devine, actually, the whole dinner does. Can we come over for dinner?
    xx oo

  4. Yummm, I'm glad we're coming down this evening for dinner :) We love you; see you soon!

  5. What yummy looking carrots. I'm afraid all I am growing at the moment is weeds and a couple of potatoes that escaped harvest earlier in the year! Jacinta

  6. Mmm that recipe looks amazing! Thanks! Our snow peas are just now thinking about blooming. But the rest of our garden is still in the late-sprouting phase. I don't really mind as it's more of a learning garden, than an eating garden. Still, we'll look forward to our tiny harvests :-)

  7. Lovely, lovely. Carrots not growing well here this year. I am going to start again with an early variety and see if I can get some carrots. xx

  8. Tracey, your carrots are perfect. That's all I'll say. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. those are beautiful carrots. i love these photos. simple actions--growing, picking, washing, preparing, eating--are the most wonderful.

  10. beautiful carrots! love seeing your little helper :)

  11. I love carrots...we planted two kinds as well...Danvers...and Atomic Red...can't wait...yours look so lovely!

  12. Your garden is so luscious! How do you do it?!

  13. Ohhh...such good carrots. I haven't been successful with them either so have given, reading your post, I think I'll try again next year. You have that many that you can use them now, can them and give them away? That's amazing. Thank you for the soup recipe link...I make soups through the year too. Little grand~daughter did an excellent job on carrot~washing :~) and I loved the quote.

  14. wow Tracy, everything looks great! You just reminded me I need to plant more carrots, I've only got one little row done!

  15. Yum, carrots! I planted Danvers two years ago, but they didn't do too well. We have very, very heavy soil. It needs a little more work!

  16. These photos are fantastic! Everything looks so luscious! We just put our carrots in. I can't wait for them to grow grow grow! Last year they were delicious, but tiny. We only now figured out that they were supposed to be half-sizers. oops. We did alternating rows of tomatoes and carrots as these are supposed to go well together. I guess we'll see!

    Thanks for your nice comment.. You're totally right. My poor hubby has been a little neglected since this baby took over, but as Miles becomes more independent I am looking forward to things being more balanced. I could also use some me time. I haven't had a hair cut in 7 months!

    Have a nice night!

  17. I strive for your garden.
    What more can I say?

  18. Oh yummy. I remember my very first garden...and when I tasted a cucumber out of it and how I was blown away by the taste...and I thought, wow! Thats what a cucumber is supposed to taste like! It's been the same for every veggie I grow...the taste of fresh love and life put into them! Thanks for sharing another sound delicious. Enjoy your weekend.