Thursday, June 23, 2011


One of the most delightful things
 about a garden is the anticipation
 it provides. 

~W.E. Johns

Heat indexes are hitting 115
degrees daily, so I have
been getting out in the fields
very early, the bonus
being having a chance
to watch the sun rise while I
work. I was so excited to pick
our first batch of cantaloupes today.
We planted Hale's Jumbo Cantaloupes
again this year as we have always
yielded a large harvest in the past.
With the lack of rain and intense heat
I wasn't optimistic that the plants would
be able to produce a decent size fruit,
even with all the watering we have
been doing.   We sliced one
to enjoy and I'm not sure it it's just
 because it's the first, but the
flavor was perfect.  I have plans to
make old-fashioned cantaloupe preserves
with a few to add to Christmas baskets.
It is not much work, always produces
a beautiful preserve and I have
several people who anticipate a jar
every year...they have already been
asking. The preserves are especially
good on a hot buttermilk biscuit.
What are you growing this week?


  1. Wow that looks beautiful. We call them rockmelons and the ones we grow here are called Hales rockmelons! I do love them ripe and fresh straight from the garden You just can;t beat the taste. We had no luck with them last summer just not enough rain. I hope ours look, and taste, that good this coming summer.

  2. Wow! You really have a talented green thumb, can you come do some magic up here??? I have never heard of cantaloupe preserves, I bet it tastes wonderful.

  3. Your cantaloupe looks absolutely delicious. I hope ours grow this year. I've never heard of cantaloupe preserves but I bet it is heavenly.

  4. Oh yea, it's Thursday. ;) I wish they were selling your melons at our stores. They're definitely better looking than anything I've seen there... Just luscious!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. gorgeous photographs and cantaloupe!

  6. Oh my. These photos are delicious! I have never heard of cantaloupe preserves, but I'm intrigued now.

  7. Oh the heat! Poor dear!!! But what bounty it creates...I haven't had a good cantaloupe since I left the Midwest 13 years ago (they called them "muskmelon" there...not sure if they're a different varietal or not). Enjoy the goodness!

  8. Your cantaloupe is beautiful! I'm envious! We are still trying to keep ours alive after losing half our melon seedlings to wind gusts. Hopefully we will get some delicious melon too.

  9. i've never heard of cantaloupe preserves but i bet they're delicious!

  10. I can't believe your garden...ours is just now sprouting...

  11. Wow, they look wonderful!!! I haven't had cantaloupe preserves either, but I bet they are yummy!!

  12. Oh look at you! I have yet to have any success with melons up here in the north...

  13. So my daughter is sitting next to me as I read this post and we are both very jealous of your bounty!! Looks delicious. Can we come over? :)

  14. These look so cool and juicy. Perfect for a hot day!

  15. Wow, that cantaloupe looks fantastic! Delicious. Enjoy a slice for me!

  16. Wow you are amazing! Cantaloupe preserves, my mouth is watering.
    Much love.

  17. How I wish I had some delicious cantelope growing this year! My mouth is watering, too.

  18. Wow! We planted some in our garden this year for the first time. Gorgeous photos...if we get cantalopes I would love to try that preserve recipe. Here is our weekly post inspired by Farmama.

  19. Mmmmm, your food photos are making me so hungry! I never heard of cantaloupe preserves before! It sounds so yummy I may have to try! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I have been thinking about currant raspberry jam...since we have both of those at our fingertips right now. Your cantaloupe preserves sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.