Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Have patience with all things,
 but chiefly have patience with
 yourself. Do not lose courage
 in considering your own imperfections,
 but instantly set about remedying
 them every day begin the task anew."

~Saint Francis de Sales

I am wondering if it is only me,
or do other knitters rip out
their knitting as often as I do?

Sometimes it feels like I begin
knitting the same stitches each
day [think Groundhog Day ].

I am only two inches in from the
ribbing on my raglan cardi since
I ripped it all out and started again.
I knew with the mistakes that it
contained I would never wear it.
I really had no choice.
The bamboo yarn has no give and
I am having such a hard time with it.
I am going extermely slow this time to
make sure every strand of the yarn
is completed in each stitch. We'll

On a happier note, I am reading
Yarn Harlot and loving it. I nearly
choked  when I read the chapter
'Stash'. I recommend this to all
knitters or just to anyone who
loves yarn. xx

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  1. love that fresh colour! is the book good? i want to read it someday!

  2. Tracey I love this photo. And thanks for the book rec. That is the second time I've seen it recommended and will have to add it to my list :). And yes, I rip, far far too often!!
    And thanks for your kind words yesterday, they mean a lot...

  3. I really like the just finish it so we can see the completed project! I don't have the patience to even attempt to knit so I'm awed by your accomplishments.

  4. What a great shot. I'm not participating this week, I've been much more into sewing this week so no progress on my tiny tea leaves. As far as Maine it get's plenty warm here in the summer, sometimes very humid, I love the changing seasons so much, but winter does seam to drag on a bit. Where are you again?

  5. Yes, I rip out all the time. My Gran, who taught me to sew encouraged it. Best...Amy Thanks for visiting!

  6. I'm sorry you had to frog it and start all over. Good luck on your second try! Thanks for the book recommendation, I will have to add this one to my wish list.

  7. Tracey, thanks for popping by! I just wanted to let you know that this is the first fair isle project I've ever taken up, and I'm so glad I did! It's not at all difficult, and it's so exciting to see the colours interacting and creating beautiful patterns together.

    Your dedication this week is inspiring and thoughtful - thanks for sharing and happy Yarn Along :)

  8. Splitty yarn has killed a few projects for me. That color is beautiful though! I hope this second time around goes much better for you- you know I've had my fair share of ripping back lately too!

  9. the green is so pretty and just the title of the book *Yarn Harlot* makes me giggle! hang in there ... i frogged on the baby blanket i just finished ... wasn't paying attention ... some projects are just like that!

  10. The older I get the less upset I am to rip things out. I love that color of green :)

  11. Brilliant green is rapidly becoming a favorite! I love Yarn Harlot! Hugs on the ripping. make it a practice, not a chore, and it goes much faster! LOVE!!

    Erin @ Wild Whispers

  12. Sad to hear you've been ripping out but you're going to get what you want out of the sweater, at least. Too bad the bamboo yarn is still giving you such trouble - it looks beautiful!

  13. That book had me in stitches too. So very funny. Your cardi is very lovely. Almost always, I find, beautiful things are worth the hard work put into them.

  14. I'll have to read that book. I'm definitely in need of some knitting inspiration. And as you read on my blog, there are definitely times where I spend more time undoing things than doing them. So it's not just you. :)

  15. Tracy I can't tell you where the gnome home came from we've had it for years...I think it came from a waldorf school sale? It must be beautiful in your area. My inlaws live on St Simons off the Georgia coast and it's lovely.

  16. Love the color! And I so am with you on the ripping out. I have tried and tried to get this latest pair of socks underway, and I get a few rows and need to rip it out for one reason or another, but I am determinded. The Yarn Harlot's writing is keeping me sane during it all. I agree with your recomendation. I'm hoping another one of her books arrives at the library soon.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  17. Love the color, but I'm a ripper also, and split yarns are the worst. So frustrating!

    YH is so funny!

  18. The book sounds great.. I will have to check it out!

  19. Great photo! I keep meaning to read Yarn Harlot- I love her blog. Thanks for visiting. Laura x

  20. yes, i rip out often, generally on the same project. either it goes along great, or i have to rip out on the same project a couple times. hang in there, you'll be happier for it.

    yes, i really do like one yard wonders - i already made something over the weekend (hoping to blog about it tomorrow!). my local sewing shop was having a 20% off sale in books so i grabbed it! but i think it would be a good investment :) kim

  21. How true. I think it was Amanda Soule who said something like, "Oh well, the worst case scenario is that I will have to rip it all out and start over again. That just means more knitting- not such a bad thing." I completely minced this as a quote but that's how it spoke to me. Of course, she was probably knitting with wool and not bamboo. Sorry!

  22. I love Yarn Harlot, she is a hoot! And I rip out things a lot too. More than I used to.

  23. Tracey, you take such beautiful pictures! Please keep posting pictures of your wonderful surroundings :)

  24. Tracey, I have Stephanie's KNITTING RULES and believe it's the go-to book when I want to know Knitting Basics.
    And, yes, she certainly give a new meaning to STASH ! !
    I know all about ripping out and beginning again, and again, and, yet, again.
    However, nothing as major as a sweater, only sox.
    p.s. Bradford Pears are beginning to bloom.

  25. Hi Tracey. It's so nice to meet a fellow knitter.
    I know what you mean about ripping out. I've been knitting ever since I was a little girl (and that's a good many years since I'm a grandmother now), and I still have to rip out. I have found, though, that I can live with little mistakes that don't really make a lot of difference. I just really enjoy the process.

  26. love that color!

    i spent night before last ripping out a row, knitting three and then ripping them out because i was improvising on a pattern and adjusting numbers and i didn't like the way the ribbing was lining up. last night, i frogged the whole shebang and cast on again. it happens to the best of us. remember, it's about the process!

  27. That yarn is beautiful!

    I joke that the Yarn Harlot was my first knitting friend. I bought a Learn How to Knit book, and taught myself the stitches. While looking for more knitting books, I stumbled across the book that you're reading now. Don't you just love her?! She's too funny...

  28. I want to check out that book! And don't worry about "rippit, rippit"...I am currently knitting off an afghan that I decided not to rip out to start a new one! They say there are 3 stitches to knitting, knit, purl and rip. Thanks for sharing!