Sunday, March 13, 2011


"God has sown his name on
 the heavens in glittering stars,
 but on earth he planteth his
 name by tender flowers."

~Jean Paul Richter

     [wild plums]

   [wild purple flower]

    [white peach tree]

    [Red Maple]

   [White Wild Flowers]

   [Double Delight Rose]
   [Turkey Pear]
[Yellow Jasmine: South Carolina State Flower]
[Lady Bank Rose]

[Tea Olives]

[Camellia flower]

The thermometer reads 81 degrees.
Day light savings time has begun.
Our bodies are still on 'normal' time
so I had time to stroll around
the yard before cooking dinner.
Spring flowers are everywhere I look.
so is the pollen! xx


  1. Your pictures are simply beautiful! And, I am so jealous of your spring flowers-all we have is a few wind whipped, rain lashed daffodils! Happy spring!

  2. The flowers in your yard are gorgeous. I love the way you take photos with the blurry background. Happy spring to you.