Thursday, March 31, 2011


"Always desire to learn
 something useful."


I have the desire
to spin my own yarn--
just not the talent
and You Tube is
not really helping.

Earth Mama  was
right about it not
being as easy as it

I found a little
spinning wheel
that might make
the process easier--
what do you think? xx


  1. Yes, yes go for the wheel!!! I gave up on drop spindle, I want a wheel!!!

  2. Not good at the spindle either but I have not given it enough time either. A friend of mine spins everything and she is good. Years on the spindle and now she has a wheel. Just amazing to watch someone who does it so beautifully! Keep at it!

  3. That might make it easier, but it's gonna be a long time before you can knit the sweater!

  4. I think you are one ambitious gal, Tracey.

  5. Just keep trying, Tracey. Even it it comes out thick and thin - embrace it as 'artyarn'. You will treasure it later as your first spindle-spun yarn. Lee Raven's book 'Spin It' was a great help to us. Just like anything else... practice, practice, practice :)

  6. good for you! You'll get it. I've tried a little and I too get frustrated. Molly is actually quite good with the drop spindle. I dream of having sheep and spinning wool from their yarn...ahhhh someday.

  7. I would love to try spinning...Those experienced spinner make it look so easy! Have fun with the wheel! Your pictures look dreamy with that wool floating around!

  8. I bought a spindle last fall, but haven't tried it yet. Was really hoping there would be some awesome, easy-to-follow tutorials online. Let me know if you do find anything helpful! And Good luck!! Keep trying :)

  9. I really want to learn to spin, too. I've never tried a drop spindle, though I have plans to.. eventually. I long for the day when a wheel will be in our budget. (:

  10. Practice makes perfect. I am sure you will succeed in anything you set your heart on. I taught myself photography because I was can do it. Go girl!!!

  11. Spinning is hard, it just takes time. Practice really is key to learning to spin, and also for most things. Keep going and you'll see improvement every day!

  12. I agree: drop spindle is a challenge to learn! I just started last summer and am still wobbly :) You might want to see if there's a spinners & weavers guild in your area? That's been a great resource for me.

  13. Keep at it, either way. The lady who gave the class I went to said to try the spindle for two minutes a day, and soon I would get it. I wish I could show you! There is a lot to do with going wayyyyyyy back and letting the twist do the work. AND loosening the wool before the twist gets to it. It was VERY helpful to see and have someone show me how it looks when done right. You'll get it. And that wheel!! What a good price!!