Monday, March 21, 2011


"I don't ask for the
 meaning of the song
 of a bird or the rising
 of the sun on a misty
 morning. There they
 are, and they are

~Pete Hamil

Here are a few (blurry) photos
of the newest members of the
family. I had to take their
picture thru the pen as they
can really fly and they are fast!

On Friday we adopted fourteen
Bobwhite quail. There are six
boys and eight girls.

I have been enjoying listening
to them sing to each other.
Perhaps in the future we will
collect the eggs, but as for now
there are no plans.

Aren't they beautiful?! xx

Edited: These birds were hatched in a factory for a hunting plantation that is close by. Quail season is over and these birds could not survive in the wild. I rescued them so they wouldn't come to any harm. They are an extermly skittish bird , but they have a beautiful voice. The females coo and the males say 'bob-white, bob-white'. I read that a lot of people who can not have chickens are keeping quail as they are smaller and quieter. They lay little eggs that are speckled blue.


  1. Are quail noisy...I always wanted to hatch eggs, but can't have a rooster because of the neighbors.

  2. No, they are very quiet. The females make a cooing sound and the males really do say 'bobwhite-bobwhite'. They are not at all like a chicken. The cardinals here are louder than the quail.

  3. They are really beautiful aren't they! Do you allow them to roam like chicken? And do they then return to the pen at night?

  4. Am I missing something here?
    Bobwhite quail?
    Are they kept as chickens are kept for their production of eggs or for their uniqueness?
    I've know them only as birds in the wild.

  5. You keep adding to your "farm" should try to get a picture of all your animals together. I like seeing the pictures of your gigantic rabbit.
    Have a good week-Lisa

  6. How beautiful they are! I love their faces, and the shape of their bodies!

    Yesterday we had a day of warm weather, and I spent the day being quiet and still outside, listening to the birds- it was a great day!

  7. They are SO beautiful! I can't wait to have a bit more space where I can keep chickens...or maybe quail!
    We do so love birds in our house. Have you seen the film "Winged Migration" otherwise known as "Le Peuple Migrateur"? A really beautiful documentary about birds.

  8. I've never seen Bobwhite Quail before. They are very pretty. Bless you for rescuing them. I have to admit, I was worried when I saw that they were in a cage ... couldn't understand why.

  9. Please tell me that you are planning to eat only the Quail eggs, which are quite yummy, and not the Quail! (No posting Quail recipes!!!)

  10. Love the peeks into your farm~
    Best wishes with the birds!

  11. Congrats on the wee sweet egg. THANK YOU for rescuing this lovely quail. I adore quail and am so glad they are safe in your care!!