Monday, January 10, 2011

The Best Mushroom Sauce Ever

"A sauce...adds something, really
 two things: a taste as well as
 the opportunity to think about
 how the thing was made. This
 is the same kind of pleasure we
 derive when we look at a painting;
 the eye is pleased, while the mind
 explores the esthetic windings
 of a technique and a willed structure."

~Raymond Sokolev

Made this over the weekend:
Lisa is right:
this is the best mushroom sauce ever.

I served it over spicy quinoa
which helped balance out
the lemon. It is a very
yin-yang dish.

The boy's will not touch it
so I get to eat it all by myself.
Yay! xx

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  1. Can I come over for dinner some time? You always cook the most delicious food. I'm learning to cook and slowly getting better ...