Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Following Instructions

"Discoveries are often
 made by not following
 instructions, by going
 off the main road, by
 trying the untried."

~Frank Tyger

I spent every spare minute
for a week working on this:

I didn't exactly use the
right size needles :
[I used a size 8]

I didn't exactly use the
right yarn :
[I used a soft cotton]

I didn't make a guage
[waste time and yarn?]

So, I didn't exactly follow
the instructions:
I went off the main road
and did my own thing:

And now I have a hat
that could fit two people
at one time.

I love the design of this
hat so I have decided to
start again:

this time with the correct
size needles:
with the recommended yarn:
I even made a guage swatch
and counted the stitches.

I am going to follow the
this time.

1 comment:

  1. I love that hat-- thanks for the link. Well, maybe your first attempt was a practice run ... now you can knit it 'for real'.