Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Fish Bag

"There is certainly
 something in angling
 that tends to  produce
 a serenity of the mind."

~Washington Irving

 ...and there is something
about painting that produces
a serenity of the mind too.

A fishing bag for a son-in-law
who always brings me fresh fish.

It still needs to be lined with
vinyl and a fishing journal added,
but the major part is complete.

Now, to bring out the sewing
machine and start on the next
project on my list...
the sewing machine,
there goes my serenity.xx


  1. Wow! It is absolutely beautiful! Who wouldn't love a fish bag like that?

  2. That fish is amazing. What a wonderful gift.

  3. Hey Tracey,
    That is are very talented (wish I had inherited that ability). I bet your sil will love it.....Lisa