Monday, July 26, 2010

Ironing Spray

Since we live in the south our summers are usually brutally hot and humid.  Clothing made from natural fibers, such as linen and cotton are wonderful to wear. Not only do they feel great against the skin, they help keep the body cool.
The problem with  these fabrics are they require ironing unless you like the "I slept in my clothes" look.  For the past year we have been using a lavender ironing spray. It adds a little dampness to the clothes  so ironing goes  quicker and it also gives the clothes a nice fresh smell.

Lavender Ironing Spray

3 oz. 90-proof vodka
12 drops pure lavender essential oil
12 oz. purified water

Pour vodka into a sterilized bottle, add lavender oil.  Swirl vigorously to mix and let stand for at least 24 hours.  Add purified water.  Pour into a spray bottle.  Store in refrigerator. Caution: Do not use in a steam iron.  (Adapted from The clothesline, by Irene Rawlings & Andrea Vansteenhouse).

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