Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Never doubt what one
prayer can do.

Since finishing my Silverleaf Shawl
I couldn't wait to cast on a new project
and this one had been waiting awhile,

I am using the grey yarn I dyed with
mint and Berroco Folio.

On my night stand is my reading for
book club, Praying for Strangers, a
book I am enjoying very much.

Joining Ginny


  1. Good morning Tracey .... May today be a day filled with joy and peace. The book sounds intriguing. As Believers we are commanded to pray for others, I know when I do, the most amazing thing happens... I find comfort and purpose in my life's journey. Have a blessed day sweet friend... Oh I have to say thank you for your encouragement on casting on Silverleaf. I am enjoying so ...

  2. love the colours you've chosen for the toque! So many things I want to knit....could you see about maybe turning a day into 28 hours? It would really help!

  3. pretty knitting and I adore that pop of color on the edge :)

  4. I love the grey and pink together....

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. I wanna see more, more, more...pls.

  6. Hello Tracey,

    I have thought of you a good deal over the last few weeks, knowing that Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here before we know it...thinking especially of you being far away from your granddaughter. Have you been to Germany yet?

    Your dyed yarn is beautiful and the pink really sets it off.


  7. beautiful lines... I loved your words.. Thanks