Monday, August 24, 2015


It is better to have knit and
ripped than to never have
knit at all.

I saw this survey on Alina's Blog,
The Gift of Knitting, who was inspired
by Alexis of Yarn Birdy Blog,and thought it
would be fun to play along.....

Alone- I have never had the opportunity
to knit with a group of knitter's so it's always
just me, but I think I would like group knitting.

Best- I love most of my projects, but the one
I am most proud of is Seabrook [Jared Flood's
Leaves of Grass]. I love the design, the yarn,
the color, how delicate it is and I can't wait
for cold weather so I can wear it again.

Circular- I can use dpn's, but circulars are
so much faster so that is what I grab first if
I can.

Dream- I want to knit A dress for my daughter
Erin, it would look amazing on her.

Earliest- Sitting in front of the computer five
years ago hitting the replay button on You Tube
learning how to cast on, I did it over and over
again until I could do it without thinking.

Family- My mother knit years ago, but
with arthritis she can no longer hold
the needles without pain.  I did teach
Emerson to knit so now there are two of
us in the family who are knitters.

Gloves- I learned to knit so I could knit socks,
I've never knit gloves.

Home-I can and do knit anywhere, but sitting
in my rocking chair knitting is my favorite...
well, unless I am sitting at the beach then it's
the beach.

Intarsia- I have never knit intarsia and really
don't like the look of it so while I've only
knit a wee bit of fair isle I do like it.

Jokes- Knitting and driving
A policeman spots a woman driving and knitting at the same time.
Driving up beside her, he shouts out the window......
"No," she shouts back, "a pair of socks!"

Loyal- I want to do it all, draw, paint, pottery,
Photography, needle work, ect...

Mistake- I was so excited to knit my first cardigan,
but didn't know how to read the pattern properly,
I cast on and frogged four times before a dear
blogging friend taught me to use a piece of paper
to write out my rows and that the words
at the same time are pretty important. 

Next- I think I am going to cast on Shield for Alex
and Guernsey Triangle for me.

One- At one time I had four projects going at once
which made me jittery, so no more than two for me.

Pattern- Any pattern by Jared Flood, he is amazing.

Quick- I can be quick if I need to be, but at this
stage I really don't want to rush, I just enjoy the
whole process.

Ravelry- Totally awesome as evident by the amount
of time I spend there each day

Stitch- I like garter stitch, it's relaxing, but I've been
looking at the linen stitch and think it might be pretty
fun to try.

Toys- I'm not much for knit toys, but hats I love to knit.

Ugliest- A knee brace for a friend in a flesh colored
yarn, she loved it, but it was so ugly I didn't even
make a project page for it.

Volume- A trunk, an old suitcase, a drawer, and
a few baskets....ahem.

Wool- I prefer wool, but with all the baby knitting
I've been doing I have been using some acrylic, sigh.

Exactly- When I first began knitting I followed every
line to a tee, but now that I am more comfortable
I modify a pattern to suit my needs.

Yarn- Most of my yarn comes from my local yarn
store, Coastal Knitting. I love the ladies that work
there, I love the yarns, and I want the business to
stay open. Shopping local!

Z end-   That was fun.Okay, your turn!


  1. this was very very fun...I saw this on Alina's page, too! I might have to hop on and join the fun....if I'm ever home long enough to copy, paste, and give it some thought!! Later this week????!!!!

    1. Yes, please! You are such an experienced and fast knitter - you just have to share your secrets :)

  2. I loved reading your answers, I feel like I know you better! Thank you for playing along! Big cheers to Alexis for starting all this fun!

  3. Ooh cool! I will mention this in a post and link back to you.

  4. I love this! I want to take more time to read over your answers, and I definitely want to complete on my blog when I have more time. Fun!

  5. :) I have been enjoying everyone's ABC's. Your answers made me smile. I especially loved the joke.

  6. Your knitting joke made me laugh out loud. What a fun glimpse of your knitting life! It's impressive how far you have come in your knitting practice. I just want to knit washcloths!

  7. Love the joke Tracey. Just thinking about knitting gloves gives me a headache. Do people really do that?

  8. I loved your abcs and I loved getting to know you as a knitter. I remember your early knitting days clearly and my have you grown into an experienced knitter now!!

  9. This is just too fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. This was so interesting to read, Tracey. I would really love to get better at knitting but I have so much trouble. I don't even know anyone who could teach me. I do love to crochet but it would be nice to have skills for both. I think you're a super knitter.

  11. How fun to read! That Seabrook project of yours is amazing, you should be proud! Loved the joke. I'm a cheesy joke kinda person. :-)

  12. you are amazing....especially for teaching yourself only 5 years ago!!!

  13. I'm so glad you joined in survey fun. Great knitting joke! I also think it's fascinating that you knit a knee brace. Even when it's "ugly" your knitted knee brace is out there doing good in the world. Very cool.