Sunday, May 31, 2015


Find your tribe
hug them hard.


It's has been a busy, but pleasant
weekend and I for one am sorry
to see it end.

My Emerson was here for the
a few days and I am soaking in
every minute of our time together.
I knew they were coming, but
hoped something might change,
the hard orders arrived and come
the first of August my daughter,
son in love and sweet Emerson
will be in Germany for three years.
It's a tour they are excited about
and I am trying to be happy for
them, but I am going to be a wee
bit lonely.

We had a small family get together
and it was wonderful to see dear
family that I don't see often, women
that I have a history with and love

There were homemade orange cupcakes,
and lots of book reading, marble playing
and barn building for horses, making
houses and play areas for Miss Bette
the cat. Hugs, kisses and laughter too.

Oh, and I finished my soon.

Joining Karen


  1. Oh Tracey - that's a tough one. Enjoy your moments from now till August and start making plans for a trip to Germany! Hugs my friend.

  2. Family, friends, food, AND an FO!!! i'd say it was a great weekend. Are you brushing up on your German? Sprechen sie? Exciting times ahead for everyone!!!

  3. Aww, bittersweet. What adventures they'll have and Emerson will start filling up her passport. I will have fingers crossed for your SIL on duty.

  4. what a sweet weekend full of love. how utterly exciting for them. i am always filled with shared enthusiasm with people about to embark on adventure and LIFE!

    look forward to seeing the sweater.

  5. I can understand your feelings about the tour, but hopefully you will get to make plans to visit them in Germany at least once. And thank goodness for all the tools we have now so you can Skype, etc.

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend with family Tracey. Enjoy your time with Emerson, your daughter and son in love till August, soak up every minute. I guess there will be some travel plans in your future :)

  7. Oh Tracey, that must be tough. Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime, but I know it's still not the same as hugs in person. :( I know you'll savour every minute with your family until August comes.

  8. Oh Tracey...sometimes this world is too big isn't it???? but i think Germany is going to be wonderful to visit !!! I for one have always wanted to go. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend with your tribe !!!

  9. Family gettogethers are the best! Oh my, that is so exciting for your daughter and family to go to Germany for 3 years! I hope they will love it here. I assume they will be in the South of Germany?? Perhaps you will have a chance to visit them, wouldn't that be fantastic?!

  10. Oh my friend...I understand a bit of how you feel concerning those hard orders that arrived for your son in love and daughter. Our daughter and son in law lived out of the country for 12 years...and then when our grandson was born it was even more of a challenge. But the Lord provides such special ways for family ties to remain strong. You are in my prayers as the departure time draws closer. I'm glad you had a family get together! What special memories. Hugs

  11. Tracey I know you will miss your family while they'll be stationed in Germany. I miss my family (in Germany) every single day. Do you know where they'll be stationed at? If you get the chance to go, you should take advantage of it. It would definitely be worth it - to see them and get to see some beautiful sights in Germany. :-)

  12. August 1st, wahhhhh. That is too soon. I've been praying for you and your daughter and family. I know you will adjust with grace (and skype) but boy is that a challenge for all of you. Gosh, I'm weepy reading this. My date is probably August 25th? ish?

  13. Oh Tracey, I am sorry to hear that. I know how big a part of your life they are. I guess you have to start planning a trip... How exciting for Emerson though!

  14. I know you will miss them terribly but you must plan a visit to Germany! We have traveled to visit my brother in every duty station he has been to. Some of them have not been as exciting (Reno, Omaha) but others have been so much fun (Tokyo). And I hope Emerson will love her new adventure. My niece and nephew enjoyed Japan so much that they want to go back.

  15. Oh it will be so sad to see them go. Emerson will grow up while she is away. What an opportunity to visit.