Sunday, January 4, 2015


I love it when you look at someone with
a smile on your face and they break into
a smile back at you, not because they
know why you're smiling, but because
you're happy and that's enough to make
them happy.

~ EK

It has been a rather warm and
wet weekend, but I did hear
arctic cold is on it's way making
this winter loving girl very

I spent a little time slushing
through the mud, getting as
much fresh air as I can since
I keep hearing the flu bug is
making the rounds. Lots of
fresh green juices, outdoor air,
exercise and plenty of rest,
my ways to avoid the sick

When the rain brought me
inside I prepared a cup of
tea, watched a super movie
[thanks Ginny,] finished all
the baby knits I was working
on, a pair of socks that have
been hanging out since before
Christmas and worked on my
Stonecrop. Knitting for hours,
I can't complain.

I wanted to let all you Knitter's
 know that Liesl of  Buckaloo View
is hosting a fun Mystery Hat
Swap if you are interested.

Tomorrow my days return to
their normal schedule and while
I've enjoyed the quiet of unscheduled
days I'm ready for a little more
structure to my hours.  Whatever
your week holds for you I do hope
it is an easy and gentle transition,
that you are happy, and you smile
at someone, it could make their day!

Weekending with Karen


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Love the photo of the dog!

    -Living Chemical Free

  2. It's been wet, wet, wet and a bit too warm here in our neck of the woods, too. Kind of crazy, because by Wednesday we're supposed to be below freezing for days. Overnight lows of 10! A friend and I went walking for two hours this morning and being outside felt so good! Hopefully that'll combat the nasty bugs going around... Back to work and school tomorrow... Have a great week!

  3. "A smile happens in a flash, but the memory of it can last a lifetime. It cannot be begged, borrowed, or stolen, but it is of no use until given away." Anonymous
    This is a quote that I had next to my picture in my high school year book forty years ago. While the others were listing their accomplishments in drama, track, band, etc... I simply chose this quote I came across.
    I enjoy visiting your blog.

  4. The dog photo was a cool and creative shot. It's cold here and the sun isn't doing much. Had to put on the heater during this winter break.

  5. It has been raining here all day, but I am happy to say as I sit here it is snowing!!! Finally! I too am looking forward to the return to our rhythm tomorrow, while it has been nice to go with the flow, we are all ready for "normal" to return.

    Wishing you a lovely week Tracey, and sending you a smile :)

  6. We had a lot of rain this weekend here as well. I also started my Stonecrop for the KAL and mine happens to be orange too, great minds think alike. ;-) Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you a smile. :)

  7. I saw on the news that an arctic clipper is headed your way and thought of you! We finally will be back up in the 30's after many days of single digits and some teens. My ladies haven't been out of their coop in over a week!

  8. Weekends are so short here :0( but Monday's are welcomed also :0) I pray that the flu bug does not visit you... be blessed! mari

  9. We could do with some rain especially in South Australia where the bush fires have been raging. Keeping smiling hope it keeps the germs away.

  10. I love smiling at others when I am out and about...and in our home. I love to see those smiles break out on other's faces.

    I'm happy to be getting back into a routine again. I'm a routine kind of gal. :)

    Have a wonderful day, Tracey.

  11. So glad you had a good weekend...Love hearing about all your knitting : )

  12. Your 2015 is off to a wonderful start! Here's to some fabulous cold weather this week for us winter loving girls. LOLOL!

  13. Happy New Year Tracey! Looks like you have been busy- lovely images. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead- we woke up to a monster snow storm today- schools out-...guess we will be skiing :)

  14. smiling right back at you!!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing that movie Tracey - it is just my kind of movie! Watching the trailer just gave me goosebumps - it is unbelievable what people live through, survive, and still are able to smile.

  16. I had not heard of that movie ~ I'll have to check it out (since we have more than our fair share of rain these days). Hope your new year is off to a good start!

  17. rainy and muddy here the last few days as well but thankful for a bit of sun today as we settle back into our schedule.

  18. Love all the photos, each of them tells you something different. I like the idea of a rainy day indoors just doing what you most love, perfect!!

    Have a great week!!

    Lluisa xoxo

  19. I bet you are glad to get back to the routine of things, I sure was. We have been enjoying the clean and silence that wraps us as the kids leave. You know I'll be missing them shortly. Love your beginnings of stonecrop.

  20. Loving all those bright knits in your life! Can't wait to see your Stonecrop grow - I love that pattern - there are so many tempting KALs happening right now. Have fun :) xo

  21. I heard about the flu too... I just have a cold drinking tea and sipping soup has become a routine for me! On a brighter note your socks look lovely! :)

  22. Did you get the cold you were hoping for? Cause I have several degrees to send down your way if you wish. It is - 42'C (-44'F) here tonight. :-)

    The socks are beautiful. Love those colors. Hope you are having a lovely week.