Thursday, September 18, 2014


Petrichor (n.)- the smell of
earth after rain

It has rained here every single day,
loud thunder, lightening, power
flickering rain and I only wish
I could send some to Cory and
the rest of California. We have
had more than enough and they
need it, sigh.

My old rooster Hercules has
been cranky all week, he really
does not like me, but Tyrion
has been extra sweet and enjoys
being petted.  Hercules better
watch out ;)

I've been sipping on a new to
me tea all week, turmeric-ginger tea.
I have found it very refreshing
drinking it cold over ice and look
forward to trying it hot when the
weather cools down.

I finished the In Threes baby cardigan
I was knitting and finally sewed the
buttons on. The pattern did come out
large, which I had read, so I'm hoping
it will get a lot of use. I think this
may be my go to baby gift, it was such
a fun knit.

Today I spent working on my Tolt Bag.
I had a little trouble figuring out how to
fold the bag, ahem, but finally got it. Three
folds and I had trouble, shaking my head
in shame.
I worked on adding a lining, but my sewing
skills are really lacking so that isn't going
to happen. 
All my plans were not lost,  I did
manage to punch holes in leather and make
a handle, we won't discuss how long that took,
It's finished and I'm pretty pleased with how
it turned out.

There are no plans for my weekend, I'm just
going to see what happens and roll with it.
Hope your weekend is a happy one.



  1. I love the bag- it turned out great, such a cheery red...and the handle, clever.
    To bad about all the rain but it seams like it is keeping you busy inside with projects :)
    Gaber wants chickens in the worst way....maybe next spring, hopefully their easy keepers.
    Have a peaceful weekend...maybe with some sunshine?

  2. Love the bag Tracey, the handle is amazing, and the colour is perfect!

    Enjoy your weekend, hope the sun finds you soon. xo

  3. nice bag and such a sweet sweater. :)

  4. the bag turned out GREAT.....(lining or no lining...) ; you certainly have some poultry with an attitude....wonderful photos!

  5. We have been blessed with two days of drizzle which we're oh-so-thankful for. While it has been a dry summer here in the Pacific NW, it has not been as dry as in southern CA. Enjoying the fragrance of fresh air through my windows and praying the Lord sends a good rain-filled wind to our friends in the SW. Pretty knits, Tracey. I need to make a new In Threes for my Charlotte!

  6. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of your projects.... just lovely!

  7. Interesting about the In Threes - the one I made in late Winter is still a bit big for my babe - maybe it's not just my little babe! Love the sunny yellow color. And that tote bag looks great - well done! I bet you'll get comments at the farmer's market!

  8. The bag turned out really great! I love the leather handle you added to it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. The bag looks wonderful Tracey...adding a lining is not hard...just some simple hand stitching :) m.

  10. What a great bag! Perfect for taking to the Farmer's Market. And thanks for the link to the wee little cardigan...I think I'll have to add it to my list. ;)

  11. The baby cardigan is adorable. I love the color. It looks like a plump, juicy cob of sweet corn!

  12. off to pin that tea recipe…sounds relish!

  13. I love that after rain earthy smell and didn't realise there was a word for it. I love your Tolt bag (gorgeous colour)...oh and that shelf too. There is so much to like usual.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Your bag is lovely! My sewing skills are not up to what I think they are, so while I like the idea of a fabric lined bag I'm not sure I could do it either.

  15. Petrichor - what a great word! I do hope you will get a break from the rain this week, we've had a awful lot up here too but not so much be be anything more than an annoyance (thankfully). Love, love, love your red bag- so smart! xo