Sunday, July 27, 2014


To practice any art, no matter how well
or badly, is a way to make your soul
grow. So do it.

~ Kurt Vonnegut

 Last week Karen ask me to participate in a Creative
Blog Hop so here goes...

1. What have been the doings/makings/scribbling's
at your desk/making table this week?
This week I am participating in a post card swap
so I have been working on greetings to add to
the back. I have also been working on some
embroidery since I am in sad need of new throw
pillows and thought it would be fun to make them.
If you know me you know that there is always, always
knitting. I have projects by my rocking chair, my bed
and there is a project that lives in my purse so when
I am out and about I am never without something
to do with my hands.

2. Where are you currently finding
your inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from reading
your blogs, pinterest, which is a giant rabbit
hole I have to be careful of, and nature. On
my walks or bike rides I often spy something
that has an interesting shape or color that
makes me want to photograph, paint or
or draw it.  Sitting on the shore watching
waves crash on shore always has me
dreaming of knitting a sweater in the
colors I see, can't you just imagine that
'green' with that cream? Oh! Often when
I can't sleep I just lay in bed and dream of
all the project that I hope I have time to

3. How important is being creative to you and
how do you blend this with your work- life-
family balance?
As far back as I can remember I have created.
I can not think of a time where I haven't
had a sketch book to practice drawing.  Painting
is something I love to do, but I don't often
set the easel up, not sure why that is.  I
don't limit my creativity to one world, I want/crave
to do it all. I am trying to learn to take better
photos and practice daily. My dream is to one day
have my own potter's wheel and kiln, one day.
There is also the dream of learning to spin my
own yarn, although in my coastal town it's not
a skill that is really popular.
Right now knitting has been in the front
line. I taught myself to knit four years ago
and have knit every day since.
I blend my creativity in with my day, whether
it is in the kitchen trying out new food ideas,
[fermentation is going strong in my kitchen]
or sitting in the middle of the yard drawing,
or knitting, it all just blends in because
it all makes me who I am.
"I make art to show my soul
I am listening!"
Thank you Karen for allowing me to
show a little bit of myself. Now I need
to nominate two awesome women to
share so I nominate Jen from iHappy
and Donna from Knit1Spin2.


  1. i love peeking into your creative mind!!!!

    (did I ever tell you....our brush with fame once removed-----PapaGeek's uncle roomed with Kurt Vonnegut at Cornell; I think Kurt only lasted one year there. It was a very brief brush!!!!)

  2. nice and encouraging blog, i found you thrue another blogger..i will certainly follow you
    dough my blog is in dutch ...i can read inglish...blessings

  3. "It all makes me who I am" ... love this Tracey. We all have creativity in us, we just need to find the right way to express it. And it seems like you have :)

  4. Love this line: "I blend my creativity in with my all just blends in because it all makes me who I am".

    I still can't believe you've only been knitting four years – you're knitting is so good!

  5. All your answers to the question #2.....YES! I feel the same.
    Much Love to you sweet friend. Have a fantastic start to your week.

  6. Love the Q&A...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  7. What a great post. I love seeing how other people are inspired. And I'm so honored you chose me! I will be writing my post this week.

  8. I agree with you that creativity is what makes me who I am. I would have a hard time not having it in my life. Great quote!

  9. I loved reading about you!!! what fun and I love that you are doing some embroidery :) :)

  10. I loved seeing these glimpses into your creative life!! I am honored you thought of me! I will be posting later on this week. Thank you! :-)

  11. Your cross-stitch embroidery looks AMAZING! I remember I loved doing this as a girl. I agree that blogging friends and nature provide endless inspiration, yours included :) xo

  12. I love that last quote. And thank you for this fascinating insight into your creative process.

  13. Thanks for the window into your creative soul, Tracey. :) You remind me of my daughter-in-law...she also would love to create pottery (she has a wheel and kiln in storage for "someday"). I can just imagine those waves crashing...I sat by our mountain river yesterday afternoon and soaked in the all the glory and was inspired. xo ~Lisa

  14. i loved reading about your creative side :) some of us do just need to create.... and it doesnt matter how we fit it in.... we just have to fit it in somehow! i love reading about your ways of fitting it in :)