Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Honey, knitting is so much more
than just plain obsessive compulsive's the healthiest addition
I know!

~ Antje Gillingham

I was asked by the women's ministry
at my church  if I would knit a prayer
shawl for a member that is facing
cancer treatments, so of course I set
everything else aside and immediately
cast on A Textured Shawl Recipe. Since
the shawl needs to be soft and easy to
care for I am using Lion Brand Amazing
on size 10 needles.  I hope it will convey
the prayers and the love I am putting into
it and offer at least a little bit of comfort
to someone who is going through a hard

I was given a Debbie Macomber  book,
Summer on Blossom Street. This is my
first Macomber book and I was pleasantly
surprised to find a scarf pattern at the
beginning of the book.  Each chapter is
dedicated to a character and while I have
not discovered the plot, the writing is easy to
read and perfect after a long day of working
outside, or for reading while laying on the

Joining with Ginny


  1. How lovely - I am sure you know how much I appreciate this post, Tracey. Thinking of your friend too. I love the colours and the stunning photographs xx

  2. Beautiful photos Tracey, and a beautiful shawl you are knitting. Happy Wednesday!

  3. i get such satisfaction from shawl ministry knitting....i know you will, too! Love in every stitch.

  4. What a beautiful shawl!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. you are the sweetest person ever to be knitting a prayer shawl, It will be loved and that person will feel the love. Nothing more healing that that!

  6. I love knitting prayer shawls. I really should begin another one! Yours is beautiful. I love the colors!!

  7. That yarn will make a great prayer shawl. We have the same stitch markers my friend! I have that Blossom Street book but for the life of me I can't remember if I finished it! You should read the first one - it was great. I don't remember how many of them were in the series actually. If I find my original I will send it down to you. I'll message you on FB.

  8. A prayer shawl as a gift sounds wonderful.

  9. That is incredibly generous of you to knit a prayer shawl.
    I like Debbie Macomber books. Try the Cedar Cover series as well as the Blossom Street series. They are super easy reads and the characters are like friends.

  10. A scarf pattern in the beginning of the book? What a coincidence! Happy summer reading and knitting to you, Tracey!

  11. I love that beautiful prayer shawl. What a comfort it will be! I read my first Debbie Macomber book this summer as well and enjoyed it. I'm sure I will be reading more of her books soon. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  12. Such beautiful colors, Tracey. You can add my prayers to the shawl, if you're willing.

  13. Your prayer shawl is beautiful. I hope you enjoy Summer on Blossom Street. The Blossom Street series is one of my favorites of Debbie Macomber's. Each Blossom Street book has a knitting pattern.

  14. The shawl looks lovely - what a wonderful gesture. A good friend of my family has been going through cancer treatments and I know that she took a prayer shawl/blanket with her to her chemo treatments. It will mean so much to the person receiving it.

  15. Yes. Very easy reading with Macomber. You are an angel to knit up that prayer shawl for the warrior facing cancer. Can you be vocal about which directions you followed as I know the original notes for that pattern is bare bones?

  16. What a wonderful gift - a prayer shawl in beautiful colors knitted with lost of love and hope by a sweet angel.

  17. I'm sure that your shawl will bring great comfort knowing who knitted it and that prayers were knitted in with every little stitch. The colour and the yarn are both soft and warm. I know from my own experience that kind thoughts and words are almost as healing as the treatments. I wish her well.

    Your book sounds interesting, especially with the scarf pattern! After reading the review couldn't help but think how appropriate it must be with your current interest in fostering.
    Happy knitting and reading.

  18. What a beautiful shawl and what a wonderful thing to do!

  19. The shawl is beautiful and I do love the idea of prayer shawls. I really do believe our good thoughts and prayers are transferred to our knitting. Those peaches look delicious!