Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 The purpose of learning is growth,
and our minds, unlike our bodies,
can continue growing as we continue
to live. 

~Mortimer Adler

May 2010 was the first time
I picked up knitting needles.

I had a partial cone of some
unknown fiber [ now I know
it is merino] and size 8
bamboo needles. I sat down
in front of the computer and
watched a YouTube video over
and over learning how to cast
on, then proceeded to practice
until I was comfortable. Next came
the knit stitch which I practiced
and practiced, even causing
Mike to question if I was Ever going
to finish an item. :)  Once I was
able to sit and know exactly what
I needed to do when I picked up
my needles and yarn I cast on and
knit a little garter stitch scarf
with fringe, no pattern, just cast
on 50 stitches and knit until it
was a nice length.

In the three and a half years I have
been knitting there are still times
I need a video or a book to learn
a new skill, or else I call a dear 
friend who has helped me when I
am totally confused, but I have
to tell you since picking up those
needles the first time I have not
missed one day of knitting since.
I am just a wee bit addicted to this
wonderful craft and I am thankful
for the world it has opened for me.

Okay all you Knitter's please share,
how did you learn to knit and
what was  your first project?


  1. MAY 2010?! TWO THOUSAND AND TEN?! I thought you'd been at it all your life, you're a MARVEL!
    I knitted pot holders at school as a tiny child - we all had to - it was on the Scottish curriculum in those days. But I only REALLY started knitting in 2009, in preparation for my first nephew's birth, and I really threw myself in at the deep end with the Garden Plot squares blanket (the mauve one in this post http://littlemacaroon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/products-of-fevered-mind.html).

    It was a very stressful project, and FULL of mistakes that I couldn't fix, but I haven't looked back since!

  2. Hi Tracey,

    Great story. I learned how to knit in elementary school, I think it was in second grade, we did crochet in first grade. We knitted a hat with a pompom on top, I remember mine was teal and a pair of mittens out of something with the texture of barbed wire. The materials at the time were provided by the school. I did not like it much back then because it was something I 'had' to do. But I have been knitting ever since and I am happy about how popular it is (again). Have a wonderful week!


  3. Your first knit is so pretty!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  4. My first project was a bowl. I knit a garter rectangle (not unlike your scarf), sewed it into a circle and gathered one end. After that I felted it. The kids used to wear it as a helmet and it was very sad looking.

  5. Well my mother tried to teach me in 1967 - I was 6 years old. It was then thought to be something girls needed to do. Unfortunately I was left handed and she was right. Mum had read that it was best for her to knit, while I looked on in a mirror. I can still remember the total confusion at the process - not o mention the absolute bewilderment as to why it was happening at all! I just wanted back outside to play. Soon after, I learned at school and had to knit a dishcloth, which seemed to take years to complete. Despite such a traumatic beginning, I so wanted to be good ad it and I persevered although always knitted back to front. In my 30s, a colleague became so frustrated watching me knit so awkwardly (in our lunch hour) that she gave me several lessons beginning with how to hold the yarn properly. It was a revelation. I love to knit and crochet now and although still very slow, I try to do some every day. you are an amazing knitter xxx

  6. you have only been knitting 3 years?? wow! you rock those needles for sure. :)
    i started knitting in 2007, but only halfheartedly. a friend taught me how to cast on and do knit stitches and a made a doll blanket that turned out completely wonky. i really got more in to knitting after we moved to maine and i wanted to knit us hats. so that was 2010. and the second first thing i knit was a hat that was the size of a giant's head. LOL

  7. I bought that dime store book "I can't believe I'm knitting!" and read and looked at the pictures and read and looked at the pictures. I still look up a LOT on line to make sure I'm doing increases, cast ons...correctly. And collect books ;-).

  8. Aww! It's terrific you still have this first scarf.
    I started learning May 2008. I had Jellybean who was a joey. She didn't like anybody and would cry and cry whenever I put her down. Her crib was in our room and my husband slept on the couch the first three months. I was exhausted. When he came home one day, I told I was not happy and why. He told me maybe I needed a hobby.
    So I looked up knitting class on yellowpages.com and found a yarn shop near us. I signed up for a class and got bit by the fiber bug. Holly was a great teacher who taught us to be fearless.
    I knitted a beanie. I had made it for my oldest who thought it was itchy. I no.longer have it but I have a pic of my youngest in it on the blog somewhere.

  9. I can't believe you only learned to knit 3 years ago?!? You knit some amazing things! I learned to knit when I was 6 or 7 and in 4H. I didn't knit for a long time growing up but picked it up again after college. And thank goodness for youtube. I still have to look up stuff!

  10. I started as a child and cannot remember what my very first knitted project was. However as a teenager I knit my first sweater and it was mint green boatneck fisherman's sweater--still have it and yep it's acrylic.

  11. hee hee...you've heard my story before. My Dad taught me when I was a wee little one. BUT, he didn't know how to bind off....so we looped on stitches...I'd knit to the end of my ball of yarn---together we'd rewind it----loop on a different number of stitches and off I'd go again. Yes, I did this for YEARS. I have NO idea what my first real project was....because it's always been about the process for me---not the product!!!

  12. Hmmm...I actually started knitting as a teenager, can't even remember my first project. Once I hit my 20's it put the needles down and picked them up again about 3 years ago. It was like riding a bike, once I started it all came back to me.

  13. I learned November of 2010 but didn't really start going until Summer 2012. My first knit was a double garter stitch cowl that I still have.

    Yours is a beautiful first knit!

  14. My goodness, you look like a really seasoned knitter some of your projects I would never attempt. I learned to knit with my mother as a child back in 1960 just the basic plain stitch and knitted the never ending scarf! Making pom poms would always amaze me which would be sewn on each end. I am now in the process of teaching my granddaughters to knit and have bought them a project each for Christmas.

  15. You do amazingly beautiful work for one who has so few years with the needles under her belt! Tracy, I was taught to knit along with my now 26 year old daughter (the one who was here visiting from Germany) many, many moons ago...I think when she was only about 10 or maybe 12. Can't remember for sure. Anyway, we knit headbands and slippers and washcloths and then I graduated to sweaters for my little ones. My daughter never caught the knitting bug, but she's artistic in all the ways I'm not, so it works out well for both of us. :)

  16. I can't believe you have only been knitting for 3 years. You are gifted my friend! I honestly can't tell you what my first project was. My grandmother taught me years ago when I was about 7 or 8. When I got back into knitting about 10 years ago I was big into those fun fur scaves. Ickkkk..... I think I still have some!

  17. The first thing I knit was a sweater for a bear for a class in high school. I swore I wouldn't knit again when I was done. Obviously that was one oath I didn't end up keeping! The first knit as an adult was a big huge cable scarf... and I only picked the craft up again because my husband told me he was going crazy and I needed to get a hobby! LOL!

  18. Wow! I had no idea you've only been knitting such a short time. You're a fantastic knitter Tracey!

    I learned to knit when I was eight years old, my maternal grandmother taught me. I think about it now and realize she must have had a lot of patience! The first thing she taught me how to knit was slippers (you know, the typical grandma slippers with the pompom on top). I also vaguely remember knitting a blanket or two for my Barbie doll :)

  19. It's amazing what you can learn from youtube. I learned how to bind books, make icords...all sorts of things. It's such an amazing feeling when you learn a new skill. I had no idea that you had been knitting for such a short time. Your skill is amazing. My maternal grandmother and my mum taught me to knit. I think we started with doll's clothes and by the time I was eleven I would knit my own sweaters and aran socks and fair-isle cardigans...But I seem to going in reverse. I think I need to watch a few more tutorials to catch up with you now.
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Have a great weekend.