Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am trying really hard
to be prepared far in
advance for all the
special days in the
lives of the people
I know and love.
I discovered this pattern 
and knew there was
a wee one here who
would love it for a
third birthday this
August.  I just finished
the body and am moving
on to the arms.  I'm finding
the pattern extremely 
easy to follow and knit.
I am a little concerned about
having to sew the gown as
I just can not seem to
get the hang of sewing
on a sewing machine.
I think since the gown
will be small it would
just be easier to sew the
whole thing by hand and
not worry about sitting in
front of a sewing machine
for hours in tears. It's never
pretty when the 'machine'
is involved.

On the reading front
I was given Soul Survivor
by a friend who loved it
and thinks I should read it. 
The book is about a two year old
who's parents believe he is
reliving the life of a WWII
pilot who was killed over
Iwo Jima.  I have only
just begun reading the book
so I am going to reserve
any opinions until later.

Has anyone else read it?

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  1. Oh I bet she is going to LOVE her doll!! And I think hand sewing will work just fine :). Haven't read that book I'm afraid, sounds intriguing though!!

  2. The doll pattern is lovely! I think hand sewing would work if that is what you prefer.

  3. Oh I made one of these for my daughter's 4th birthday. Since seamstress I am not, I just made the body purple (save the bits for the hands and feet) and wa-laah! She has a jumpsuit on at all times! :)

  4. What a fabulous doll - she's going to love it! (I also think you could hand-sew it if you're more comfortable with that.) I bookmarked the pattern because I think I'd like to try to make one for my son for Christmas.

  5. Hey, I love your new header(or whatever it's called)- I want a white and orange duck!
    The book sounds like it would be sad.

  6. I have three of those dolls (okay, one just has a bit of hair left to add) on the needles right now. (:

    I don't have a great love of sewing - so I knit clothes for them. There are plenty of great (and easy) patterns out there for basic doll clothes.

  7. What a great doll pattern, I'm sure it will be much loved :)

  8. the book sounds really interesting! :)
    and the doll pattern is so cute! :)

  9. The book sounds interesting... I will have to look into it. I love the grey you are knitting with today!

  10. What a thoughtful and lovely gift! I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds really intriguing - will definitely look it up.

  11. Such a sweet doll! I have sewing machine frustrations too. Sometimes I love it other times I get too annoyed. I think hand sewing for something small like that would be fine. Happy knitting!

  12. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Looks good so far. The book? That sounds so good-I am going to the library tonight and will add it to my list! Happy knitting (and reading)!

  13. The book you're reading sounds very interesting. Is it a true story?

    The doll is very sweet. I'm not so good with a sewing machine either. Some projects go so well and others just result in a lot of frustration!

  14. Oh how much fun to knit a doll! I know what you mean about trying to stay up with all of the important dates--I fall on and off of that wagon. I have never read Soul Survivor

  15. That book definitely sounds interesting!


  16. That doll is adorable and it's good to know you are finding the pattern fairly easy. It does seem like it would be easier to hand sew the dress. Your wee one is going to be so happy on her birthday.

    I haven't read that book but it sure sounds interesting.

  17. That doll pattern is so cute. I can't wait to see it all finished. I haven't read Soul Survivor, but the story sounds intriguing, if a little scary.

  18. OOOoooo, what a cute doll! I'm with you...sewing machines scare me ;-). But, I want to make pillow case sundresses for my twin nieces this summer. I wonder if I could do the entire thing free-style?

  19. Oh Tracy I can't wait to see your finished doll! I've done some knitted doll bodies in the past but always with a waldarf style sewn head. too cute

  20. That doll is awesome! I am very interested to hear about that book. It sounds very cool.

  21. Love the doll. The dress/pouch is so cute. I love Wee Folk Art.

  22. I think a homemade doll will be cherished! I made each of the 4 kids a tooth fairy pillow and ended up sewing them by hand - something about me + a sewing machine doesn't work ;-)